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Angel's Ortho™ Cat Feeding Bowl

Angel's Ortho™ Cat Feeding Bowl

Regular price $30.00
Sale price $30.00 Regular price $45.99
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Angel's Ortho™ Cat Feeding Bowl

Regular price $30.00
Sale price $30.00 Regular price $45.99
SAVE 34% Sold out
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Say Good-Bye to Feline Vomiting

Our cat bowl features a uniquely 15 degree designed tilted surface that prevents rapid ingestion, reducing the chances of your cat experiencing upset stomach and vomiting. Give your furry friend the comfort they deserve during mealtime!

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Combat Digestive Issues

The carefully calculated incline of our bowl aids in proper digestion by encouraging the flow of food from the mouth to the stomach. This helps prevent bloating, indigestion, and other digestive problems, ensuring your cat stays happy and healthy.

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Unleash Better Health for your Feline

With the Angel's Ortho™ Cat Feeding Bowl, you're not just investing in a bowl, but in your cat's overall well-being. By promoting healthier eating habits and minimizing common issues, you'll see a noticeable improvement in their overall health and vitality.

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No Neck Straining 

Ordinary bowls can strain your cat's neck as they bend down to eat. Our Angel's Ortho™ Cat Feeding Bowl features an elevated design that promotes a more natural eating posture, reducing stress on their neck and joints. Watch them dine in perfect comfort!

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Premium Quality & Easy to Clean

Crafted from durable, non-toxic materials, our feeding bowl ensures long-lasting use and is safe for your cat's health. Additionally, it is easy to clean, saving you time and effort in maintaining a hygienic feeding environment.

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Give your Furry Friend the Gift of Optimal Health

Remember, a healthier cat means a happier home. Invest in their well-being and witness the transformation with the Angel's Ortho™ Cat Feeding Bowl - the ultimate solution to end feline discomfort and promote better health!

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Key Benefits 

 1.  No more neck straining

2.  Say goodbye to vomiting.

3.  Combat digestive issues

4.  Unleash better health.

5.  Premium quality and easy to clean



A Game-Changer for My Cat's Health!

The Angel's Ortho Cat Feeding Bowl has revolutionized my cat's eating experience and overall well-being. No more vomiting, neck strain, or digestive issues. The tilted surface prevents rapid ingestion, promoting comfort and reducing stomach upset. The elevated design eases neck strain and improves posture. It's also a lifesaver for digestion, minimizing bloating and other issues. The bowl is made with premium materials, safe and easy to clean. Invest in your cat's health with the Angel's Ortho Cat Feeding Bowl - a true game-changer!  Betty C.   ★★★★★



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30 Day Money Back Guarantee 


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